Tuesday 7 April 2015


Songambele Maarifa centre has started its operation effectively from April 2015 after delaying for some time.  New cabinet members have joined the board to strengthen the activities.

Because of the new members who joined the board, the Field officer Mr. Sadock had to give out the training to all members. All members where trained on the origin of Maarifa centres, the vision and mission of the Maarifa  centres, explanations on the roles of small cabinets within the main board.

After the training, all the members agreed upon one another to cooperate and work effectively. Every one was given the duty to fulfill  for efficiency of the center.

Different activities will start effectively from April.

Saturday 19 July 2014

community radio listeners have harvested much this season!!!!

Songambele Maarifa centre has got the community radio where community members in their groups arranged the time table for meeting at the center to listen different radio periods together depending on the group needs.

In the previous planting season, agriculturalists led by Mr. Makono who is the group supervisor used to follow the agricultural advices from the community radio during the period NYAKATI ZINABADILIKA for much harvest.

After listening to the radio, they used to discuss then go the farms for practical knowledge acquire from the community radio (implementation). Mr. Pearson being one the member realized to harvest much this season after listening and following the advices he used to hear from the community radio.

He considers the farm that he used to harvest 8 bags of maize before listening to the radio and following the instruction, now he has doubled the quantity of maize bags.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Songambele community youths are no longer enganging in non productive activities!!!

Aiming at improving agriculturalists' live-hoods especially in arid land areas, Songambele Maarifa Centre situated in Kongwa district, Dodoma Tanzania provides advices to agriculturalists through community radio, agricultural information accesss though the internet, advice from  extension officers and reading different books/brochures equipped in the Maarifa centre library.

Here are youths spending the evening hours in Songambele Maarifa Center library  reading books/brochures. Songambele community youths used to spend evening hours engaging in non productive activities that tempt  them to engage in worse habits. Mr,  Noel says that he has  gained knowledge about climate change and the use of Biogas instead of using firewood and charcoal to cook from the brochure he read.
Mr. Noel (with black t-shirt) and other youths in  Maarifa centre library concentrating on the books / brochures.

Youths say that sometimes they found themselves engaging in immoral activities because of missing.  what to keep them busy.Such centers are very important to keep youths busy and minimize immoral habits. But also it gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge to improve their life and act positively in the society they are living. 

Monday 5 May 2014

Internet connectivity was possible at Mkoka

Songambele Maarifa centre faced the challenge lacking internet connectivity since the center started in 2012. On 30th April 2014, the field officer accompanied by some ICT graduates decided to try internet connectivity at nearby village called Mkoka. This wad done in Mkoka primary school where  there is electricity supply. The modems were used to connect to the computers and internet access  was possible though still the access speed was low. Trainees were able to use the computers and access some information from the the internet.

This was the first time for Mr. Makono and Mr. Mamoga ( Ward Education Cordinators), Mr. Kyaruzi (Secondary school teacher), Mr. Zephania Magwira(a farmer and bussiness man), Mr. Mwangalimi (primary school teacher) and Miss Habiba (a form four leaver) to use the computer and access information via internet.They were very happy.

Despite accessing information, every one understood to open a new e-mail account, read already sent e-mails, send e-mails and e-mail with the attached document .

Friday 2 May 2014

From complete computer illiterate to computer literate!!!!

Mr. Kyaruzi is secondary school teacher teaching mathematics at Songambele Kiliman Secondary Secondary school. Mr. kyaruzi has got his elder brother who is working in head of state offices in Dar es Salaam. His elder brother has children who studies in international school with an ability of using the computer. Those kids were laughing at Mr. kyaruzi on his inability of even turning on and off the computer while he used to go to his brother for visitation. Such condition made Mr. Kyaruzi shameful and uncomfortable to his brothers’ resident

Mr. Kyaruzi using the computer in Songambele Maarifa centre. 

Mr. Kyaruzi intended from his heart to acquire the computer knowledge but still the problem was the place to acquire such education depending on working environment. After being aware of Songambele maarifa centre, Mr. Kyaruzi was registered and now is happy from the knowledge he acquired. He accomplished five modules i.e introduction to computer, MS word, excel, powerpoint and Internet and e-mails. He uses excel to arrange students’ results.

Friday 18 April 2014

He was able to get college education after gaining knowledge from the Maarifa centre!!!

A young gentleman (Frank Willson Chimwaga) from Songambele community realized that his best performance in college studies at CBE was a result of the knowledge he acquired from Songambele maarifa centre.

Frank who was a form four leaver, is now taking the certificate in Business administration. Among the courses in his first semester was introduction to computer which he scored B+. Frank realized that his high theoretical and practical performance in computer studies was because of the studies he got from Songambele maarifa centre.  From Songambele maarifa centre, Frank was eager to continue with studies at college level.

Frank chimwaga at Songambele Maarifa centre when he came to give his thanks, photo by Sadock

Because of the studies he acquired from the centre, Frank realized the simplicity of studies at the Colledge of Bussines Education situated in Dodoma town.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

From listening to community radio , Mr. Pearson expects to harvest more this season

Mr. Pearson is a member in community group number one. His group is used to listen the period called Seasons are changing “Nyakati Zinabadilika) held in  Dodoma FM (98.4 MHZ) radio during the morning. From this period, Mr. Pearson learns the relationship between today’s seasons and farming activities to harvest more.

Mr. Pearson in his modern maize farm after gaining knowledge from the community radio. Photo by Sadock Peter

He has only five planted acres in modern way with expectations of harvesting more than sixty bags of maize.Dramatic session change that cause soil infertility has led to small harvest in most of agriculturalists who do not farm in modern way, but Mr. Pearson has escaped this situation