Saturday, 19 July 2014

community radio listeners have harvested much this season!!!!

Songambele Maarifa centre has got the community radio where community members in their groups arranged the time table for meeting at the center to listen different radio periods together depending on the group needs.

In the previous planting season, agriculturalists led by Mr. Makono who is the group supervisor used to follow the agricultural advices from the community radio during the period NYAKATI ZINABADILIKA for much harvest.

After listening to the radio, they used to discuss then go the farms for practical knowledge acquire from the community radio (implementation). Mr. Pearson being one the member realized to harvest much this season after listening and following the advices he used to hear from the community radio.

He considers the farm that he used to harvest 8 bags of maize before listening to the radio and following the instruction, now he has doubled the quantity of maize bags.