Monday, 22 July 2013


After completion of the second batch with 24 trainees, a new batch (third batch) has started at Songambele Maarifa Centre. this batch comprise of 10 females and 14 men from Songambele community.Every one was glad to join the trainings in the third batch. This is due to good testemonies that SONGAMBELE community hears from the previous graduates.

Songambele Maarifa Centre located in Kongwa District, Dodoma ha become the centre impacting  computer knowledge to nomal villagers. Computer literate level in Songambele community has become high.

New batch trainees during the trainings. photo by Sadock
 AS you can see on the picture above, those are trainees during the trainings in the first session (morning session). Trainings are provided to the whole community freely disregarding of age, sex, occupation or level of education.

MR. ALEX, a graduate and secondary school teacher preparing for training.
Songambele Maarifa Centre has been adventageous to teachers also who have been lacking complete computer knowledge during their studies at colleges.