Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Songambele community youths are no longer enganging in non productive activities!!!

Aiming at improving agriculturalists' live-hoods especially in arid land areas, Songambele Maarifa Centre situated in Kongwa district, Dodoma Tanzania provides advices to agriculturalists through community radio, agricultural information accesss though the internet, advice from  extension officers and reading different books/brochures equipped in the Maarifa centre library.

Here are youths spending the evening hours in Songambele Maarifa Center library  reading books/brochures. Songambele community youths used to spend evening hours engaging in non productive activities that tempt  them to engage in worse habits. Mr,  Noel says that he has  gained knowledge about climate change and the use of Biogas instead of using firewood and charcoal to cook from the brochure he read.
Mr. Noel (with black t-shirt) and other youths in  Maarifa centre library concentrating on the books / brochures.

Youths say that sometimes they found themselves engaging in immoral activities because of missing.  what to keep them busy.Such centers are very important to keep youths busy and minimize immoral habits. But also it gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge to improve their life and act positively in the society they are living.