Wednesday, 26 March 2014

From listening to community radio , Mr. Pearson expects to harvest more this season

Mr. Pearson is a member in community group number one. His group is used to listen the period called Seasons are changing “Nyakati Zinabadilika) held in  Dodoma FM (98.4 MHZ) radio during the morning. From this period, Mr. Pearson learns the relationship between today’s seasons and farming activities to harvest more.

Mr. Pearson in his modern maize farm after gaining knowledge from the community radio. Photo by Sadock Peter

He has only five planted acres in modern way with expectations of harvesting more than sixty bags of maize.Dramatic session change that cause soil infertility has led to small harvest in most of agriculturalists who do not farm in modern way, but Mr. Pearson has escaped this situation

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